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      Dump truck

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      LiebherrTA 230Articulated trucks

      1. Liebherr TA 230 Articulated trucks

      Empty vehicle weight (EVW)53,800 lbPayload66,100 lbMax. dump body capacity24.85 yd3Engine output270 kW/362 HP(SAE J1349)Travel speed forward35.4 mphTravel speed backward9.9 mph……

      HuatongD20Dump truck

      2. Huatong D20 Dump truck

      A high-torque engine packed into a small body frame, the TRXBUILD D20 will outmanoeuvre its peers on any given day.Specially designed and developed for small-size mining projects, the TRXBUILD D20 is also suitable for over burden, hydro-inf……

      HuatongA300DDump truck

      3. Huatong A300D Dump truck

      Features ENGINE - Cummins QSM 11-C330In line 6 Cyl, Four - stroke water cooledDiesel Engine, Electronic controlTurbocharged and Charged air cooledCapacity - 10.8 litMax Power - 246 Kw @ 2,100 rpmMax Torque - 1,674 Nm @ 1,400 rpmTRANSMISSIO……


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