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      Diaphragm Walling Grabs

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      SANYSH400CDiaphragm Walling Grabs

      1. SANY SH400C Diaphragm Walling Grabs

      Max. pull40tMax. trench width1500mmMax. trench depth70mMax. construction radius5.5mMain winch rope dia26mm……

      YuchaiYCD400Hydraulic Diaphragm Wall grab

      2. Yuchai YCD400 Hydraulic Diaphragm Wall grab

      Project ParametersGeneral Parameters Type YCD400Total Weight (Without Grab) 60tGrab Capacity 1.3m3Grab Quality 18-20tRated Power / Rated Speed Max. Travel Speed 1.5km/hMax. Grade Ability 40%Max. Rotation Speed of Platform 3r/minMax. Tractio……

      SANYSH400CDiaphragm Walling Grabs

      3. SANY SH400C Diaphragm Walling Grabs

      ● Double main winches; maximal depth can reach 70m; ● It can be equipped with heavy grab, the trenching accuracy can reach 1‰;● It can be equipped with rock grab to enter moderately weathered rock;● The gravity center of whol……


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